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Youth often become homeless just after leaving juvenile detention. Can Washington state really stop it?

At least 1,800 youths were homeless or unstably housed within a year of exiting those systems, according to the most recent data available.

No other state has made such a sweeping commitment, according to experts, and Washington does not yet know how it will achieve it. But the state has an interest in ensuring today’s homeless youths don’t become the next generation of homeless adults, and officials are exploring solutions.

Bills proposed to keep school disputes out of courtrooms (VA)

Several lawmakers, Delegate Jeff Bourne, D-Richmond,  Mike Mullin, D-Newport News and Sen. Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, have introduced bills that would limit criminal charges for student misbehavior or classmate beefs.

The bills filed in both the House and Senate would prohibit students from being found guilty of disorderly conduct in school. It’s a charge that could carry jail time.