Committee Master List


Awards Committee

Chairperson: Karen Gonser

Members: Richard Gentry, Mike Langenright, Melissa Strong


Membership Committee

Chairperson: Melissa Strong

Membership Coordinator: Mary Adams

Members: Mary Adams, Mike Langenright, Stacy McGinnis


Communications Committee

Chairperson: Mike Langenright

Members: Juli Reynolds, Rich Dama


Training Committee

Chairperson: Geremy Burns

Members: Juli Reynolds, Chuck Baker, Mike Langenright, Lisa Greco, Karen Gonser, Robin Lyons, Jody Overall, Gabrielle Biernat-Deschaine, Sara Trigg, Kevin Mitchell, Richard Dama, Richard Gentry, Rose Anderson


Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Sara Medina, Penny DeMario

Members:  Representation from Executive Committee, Sara Medina, Marion Ponder, Jennifer Mays, Vicki Benavidez, Eric Zajdel, Lakeisha Phillips, Mary  Adams, Jessica Balowski, Alex Goodman, Hillary Snyder, Lesley Burrow


Legislative Committee

Chairperson: Lisa Greco

Members: Doug Murch, Bob Alward, Geremy Burns


Fundraising/Activities Committee

Chairperson: Co-chairs to be selected at first advisory committee meeting

Members: Mike Langenright, Kevin Mitchell, Lisa Greco, Brandon Genwright, Advisory Committee members