Sarah Koenig Clears Up Our Biggest Misconceptions About the Justice System

Sarah Koenig is a former executive producer of This American Life and creator of Serial, a massively popular, Peabody Award–winning podcast that follows one story or topic all season long. Koenig was kind enough to chat with us ahead of the San Diego Workforce Partnership Opportunity Summit on May 2, where she will be delivering the keynote address, “The Vortex of Justice Involvement for Young Adults.”

With fewer juvenile offenders locked up, an unexpected consequence arises for schools that teach them

Schopen teaches at a juvenile detention center for children serving time for committing felony crimes — assault, burglary, murder, manslaughter, arson. Four out of five students have mental-health or substance-abuse issues and struggle to control their emotions. About half have learning disabilities and are many grade levels behind. It’s hard to imagine a more difficult place to teach.

Memphis students, once in juvenile detention, offer ideas to reduce suspensions

Students were teaching adults this week as Memphis student advocates shared their recommendations on how to reduce out-of-school suspensions and expulsions.

Six students at G.W. Carver College and Career Academy, an alternative school, worked for months on suggestions for Shelby County Schools leaders that they believe will lead to safer schools, more engaged students and more academic success.

Casey Selects 15 Sites to Train Juvenile Justice Frontline Staff

The Casey Foundation has selected 15 state and local juvenile justice agencies and related organizations to participate in its inaugural Reimagining Juvenile Justice (RJJ) Train-the-Trainer Institute this May. The institute’s goal is to accelerate the spread of the RJJ curriculum, a six-part professional development opportunity for frontline staff working with youth involved in the juvenile justice system and their families.